What is Offwego?

OffWeGo is a platform for students to connect and travel with other like-minded individuals all while saving money. You can see other members that will be in the same destination at the same time as you so that you can form travel groups. 

What is offwego+?

At OffWeGo+ you pay a one time yearly subscription fee of $99 and you will receive up to 10% cash back on all your trips booked through OffWeGo without paying any credit card fees. You will also be the first to hear about promotion events and new features. 

Why choose OffWeGo?

At OffWeGo we offer you an exclusive community platform shared by other students who are traveling and exploring the world just like you! What you would be missing out on without this one-stop-shop for studying abroad:

Our crowd-sourced blog and city guides to inspire you on where to travel and what to do. Receive up to 10% cash back on every trip you book when signed up for OffWeGo+. Trip insurance to help make you feel secure. Integrated text and email updates of events happening where you're traveling.

I'm a parent, how does this benefit my child and save me money?

Over 90% of students said they like to travel in groups, which is often times a safer and a more cost effective way to travel. Additionally, over two thirds of students said the best aspect of their time abroad was making new friends, traveling, and experiencing new cultures.

 For only $99/year your child can take advantage of discounts found no where else in the industry! By receiving up to 10% back on the total price of their exciting trips, these great travel experiences are closer than ever!

If i'm not a student can I still join?

Absolutely! If you still want to access the social network, just book your travels "a la carte" and we will find you the best travel deals, all in one place. 

Can I cancel my Membership?

Sad to see you go, but just give us a one month notice and you'll be on your way. 

If my friend is a member and I'm not, can I still travel with them?

Yes! Our goal is to connect fellow travelers together to matter what.

Who are your partners?

We partner with the key travel agencies helping students save the most they can. All the lead travel agencies that are helping us, help you get the best rates on your travels. 

Do you offer pre-set itineraries? 

For the time being, no. At OffWeGo, we're offering the "meat and potatoes" of your travels (aka your transportation and accommodations). Check out our Guides section for tips on where to travel at your respective destination!