Meet the Founders: Duff Archie (CFO)


Hey there! My name is Duff and I am a recent graduate of St. Lawrence University (May 2018) with a degree in Economics and Business in the Liberal Arts, and a minor in European Studies.

I studied abroad twice during college: London during my first semester of my freshman year (I know, a bit strange…) and Copenhagen during my junior spring. Although studying abroad my freshman year was not the traditional college welcome and the transition back to campus in January was tough (knowing nobody/merging into pre-formed friend groups), I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Looking back on it, my first time going abroad helped me grow not only as a student but as a person as well. Living over 3,500 miles away from home gave me tremendous independence.

So, having mentioned a little bit of my college background, I wouldn’t be lying in saying that my experience abroad inspired OffWeGo… 

With that being said, our goal at OffWeGo is to make, making connections and travels as simple and efficient as possible, so if you’re studying in London and have friends studying in Vienna, for example, you can meet each other in Rome with ease and efficiency, all while achieving discounts through our cash back program (when our city guides section is up and running we’ll tell you just where to spend all that money you’re getting back), so you spend less money on travel, and more money on fun things to do while your meeting new people and experiencing new things. 

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