Meet the Founders: Connor Gribbon (CMO/COO)


by: Connor Gribbon

Hello hello, my name is Connor and I am the marketing/operations guy here at OffWeGo.

It has now been 3 months since going full time and I can honestly say, we are moving in the right direction. 

Going back to the beginning: a fun fact about the inception of OffWeGo, is that myself Duff and John all met back in high school living on the same dorm. Having bonded over a love for travel, we stayed in touch post-graduation and into college.

Two years of college under my belt and a three way call later and I’m looped into the ideation phase that is now OffWeGo. A commitment that required me to see Duff & John’s smug faces every day… 

To me, OffWeGo is more than just a travel tech startup, it’s a passion project (hence why I would subject myself to seeing Duff & John everyday) (just kidding). Having studied abroad in London at the University of Westminster, I know there is a need for what we’re offering and quite frankly, I wish it was around when I was abroad.

My excitement for OffWeGo truly began when I was studying abroad. Looking back, despite not knowing it, my time in London was really the “boots on the ground” research that led me to properly understand all the problems that a student studying abroad faces. Upon returning from London, myself, along with Duff and John, conferenced to solve these problems. The solution is OffWeGo. 

Fast forward to today, we’re prepping for our launch. We’re hoping OffWeGo will come live to you all early Spring.

My favorite part? The city guides & peer-recommendations. If you know me personally, you know I love providing restaurant recommendations and now I can do that at a larger scale! Our city guides section is hoping to serve as a TripAdvisor for students. Stay tuned.

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